Prize Money

Top Awards

California Star Ball Top Teacher, Top Students and Top Studio awards are based on both entries and placements.  Teachers and students must dance the events to earn points. 

  • Teachers that dance Pro/Am and also have student couples dancing in separate single dance adult student/student single dance events will be awarded “coaching” points and will accumulate 1/2 points per couple. Coach MUST be identified at the time of registration. 
  • There will be no points awarded for any scratched or missed entries for any reason.
  • Each entry, whether for single dance, multi-dance challenge or scholarship event will receive a single entry point.

Youth events will be award 50% points. 

Placement points will be awarded according to the following schedule:


1 pt per entry, no extra points for placements (1/2 pt per entry youth)

1-2 Dance events

1st= 8pts   2nd=7pts   3rd=6pts   4th=5pts   5th=4pts   6th=3pts   7th=2pts   8th=1pt   plus 4pts/recall (youth events at 50% i.e., 4 pts, 3.5 pts, 3 pts, etc.)

3-5 Dance events

1st=20pts   2nd=15pts   3rd=10pts   4th=8pts   5th=6pts  6th=4pts  7th=2pts  8th=2pts   plus 5pts/recall (youth events at 50% i.e., 10 pts, 7.5 pts, 5 pts, etc.)

Top Teacher
Top Studio Awards
Rising Star Professionals
Open Professionals
Pro/Am Scholarships

The 2022 California Star Ball will award the following Top Student awards:

  • Top Newcomer Lady/Gent
  • Top Bronze Lady/Gent
  • Top Silver Lady/Gent
  • Top Gold & Above Lady/Gent
  • Top Amateur Couple
  • Top Solo Grand Prix Winner
  • World Dancesport Series Top 20 Overall Students (receive vouchers)
  • Overall Top Lady/Gent

Awards will be given to the top studios in the following 3 categories

  • Top Large Studio (7+students)
  • Top Medium Studio (3-6 students)
  • Top Small Studio (1-2 students)

2022 Top Teacher Awards

Overall Top Teacher Awards

A teacher may only win ONE top teacher award, either an Overall Award or one of the Top 3 Female or Male Awards.

1st Place(minimum 350 pro/am entries)$7,000*
2nd Place(minimum 300 pro/am entries)$5,000*
3rd Place(minimum 250 pro/am entries)$3,500*
4th Place(minimum 200 pro/am entries)$2,000*
5th Place(minimum 150 pro/am entries)$1,500*
6thPlace(minimum 100 pro/am entries)$1,000*

Female Top Teacher Awards

The Top 3 Female Teachers that did not place in the Overall Top 3

1st Place(minimum 200 pro/am entries)$2,000*
2nd Place(minimum 150 pro/am entries)$1,500
3rd Place(minimum 100 pro/am entries)$1,000

All prizes will be awarded as long a minimum entries are met; however only the amount of money qualified for will be given out.  For example, if the 1st place Top Teacher has only 300 pro/am entries, he or she will receive $5,000, not $7,000.  In the same scenario, if the 2nd place Top Teacher also has 300 pro/am entries, he or she will also earn $5,000.  If there are not 9 qualified Top Teacher candidates, then fewer places will be awarded.

*Teachers AND Students must be on a package to qualify for the award money for the top 3 overall and 1st place Female or Male Top Teacher Awards regardless of number of entries.

Prize Money

Closed Pro/Am Scholarships

PRO/AM CLOSED Scholarships in 2 Levels of Bronze and Silver in each Age Categories A, B, and C. (Total of 24)

  • International Ballroom
  • International Latin
  • American Smooth
  • American Rhythm
4th – 6th$40 voucher

Open Pro/Am Scholarships

PRO/AM OPEN Scholarships in each Age Categories A, B, C, Senior 1 and Senior 2. (Total of 20)

  • International Ballroom
  • International Latin
  • American Smooth
  • American Rhythm
4th – 6th$50 voucher

Youth Scholarships

  • International Ballroom
  • International Latin
  • American Smooth
  • American Rhythm
4th – 6th$25 voucher

Rising Star Divisions


Open Professional Divisions


Professional Cabaret


2022 California Star Ball
Total Prize $80,000+