Rules & Regulations

For All competitors and spectators, please read carefully before submitting entries and packages.

  1. All Pro/Am teachers,  students, professionals, and amateur couples are required to have a 2023 Registration Number with the NDCA. (Pro/Am students DO need to be registered.)
    Register online:
    For more information on NDCA registration, contact:
    Eleanor Wiblin
    NDCA Registrar
    PO Box 22018,
    Provo, UT, 84602-2018
    (801) 422-8124
  2. Material danced should be based on the NDCA approved syllabi.
    Lifts are allowed only in solo exhibitions. All Closed categories will be invigilated for compliance with the NDCA approved syllabus lists. This competition is governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the NDCA.
  3. Teachers can only have one (1) entry per dance, level and age combination. Competition events will be run only once; therefore a teacher cannot dance the same event with two different students.
  4. Pro/Am Competitors and Student/Student Competitors are allowed to dance two (2) consecutive divisions. For example, a student may dance all the Bronze (pre-bronze, intermediate bronze, full bronze and open bronze) divisions plus all of the Silver Divisions.
  5. Adult Amateur Competitors may dance in any two (2) consecutive age categories for which they are age-eligible.
    Preteen/Junior/Youth Amateur Competitors may dance in their correct age category plus one (1) age category older. Amateur Competitors may dance any 2 consecutive proficiency levels in a given style; proficiency levels may be different in different styles.
  6. Preteen competitors, whether in Pro/Am or Amateur events, must dress according to current NDCA dress code, regardless of age category of entry.
  7. Solos are limited to 4 (four) per student. The maximum duration per solo is 4 minutes, including entrance and exit. You must provide your own music on an individually labeled flashdrive with student’s name and solo number.
    The five solo routines with the highest average scores will be invited to compete in the Top Solo Grand Prix during an evening session to determine the Overall Top Solo for the this year’s California Star Ball.
  8. Scholarships: In order to register for a scholarship, student must dance a full round of single dance entries in the same category and level as the scholarship. A full round shall be 4 Smooth single dances or 5 Ballroom, Latin, or Rhythm Single Dances.
  9. The organizer reserves the right to combine events by merging age or proficiency levels of events with fewer than 3 entries without prior notification to the competitors.
  10. No responsibility for loss of theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballrooms, or hotel rooms can be accepted by The California Star Ball, by the organizer, David Alvarez, or Dance Junkie Productions, or any of his officers or Staff, or by the NDCA Inc., and neither can they be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending the event. Everyone attending The California Star Ball does so at his or her own risk. All persons attending The California Star Ball, whether as spectators, competitors, officials or guests shall be bound by current NDCA rules and, by participating in any capacity in The California Star Ball, will be obliged to adhere to them.
  11. HOTEL
    • The closing date for hotel reservations is October 20th, 2023 to guarantee a room at our hotel at our group rate. Our room block is limited, so please make reservations early, and mention the California Star Ball to get the correct room rate.
    • Hotel reservation much be guaranteed with credit card. There may be a 14-day cancellation policy for the hotel rooms, please contact the hotel for details.
    • All hotel reservations are the responsibility of the participants unless on VIP package. There are a limited number of rooms available a few days before and after the competition dates.  Please book you rooms early.
    • Payment must accompany entry forms. Entries are not considered to be complete without payment. .Payments made after November 6th, 2023 will be subject to a $100/person late fee. A minimum non-refundable 20% down payment is required by November 6th, 2023 to guarantee participation in selected events and hotel and other purchases. If a deposit is not received, entries and hotel purchases are subject to cancellation at organizers discretion.
    • Entries and/or payments made after November 6th, 2023, must be in the form of a Certified or Cashiers’ Check or Credit Card. No personal or business checks will be accepted after November 6th, 2023.
    • Entries will not be accepted over the phone. Entries must be faxed to 808-356-0651, e-mailed to [contact-email], or mailed to
      California Star Ball Entry Processing, 115 Via Lee, Santa Barbara, CA.
    • You will receive confirmation of your entries and packages. Please check very carefully that no mistakes have been made.
      Make checks payable to:
      California Star Ball
      Mail all entries and payments to:
      California Star Ball Entry Processing
      115 Via Lee
      Santa Barbara, CA 93111
    • Packages, entries and room reservations can be cancelled, in writing, and must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the event. No cancellations will be accepted after October 13, 2023. However, the Organizer may consider credit in the case of emergency only and must accompany a doctor’s note.
    • No refunds or exchanges will be made on admission tickets. All sales are final.
    • Refunds are subject to a 3% service charge ($100 minimum per person).
    • Refunds will be made within 30 days after the Event.
    • Entries scratched or missed during the event are non-refundable.